World’s Best Painters

We all have come across some great paintings throughout our lives. But it is hard to believe that some paintings are not just painted with brush and a canvas, they are beyond that. So here, we are going to see and know some great painters of the world.

Starting with the very popular painter-

Leonardo Da Vinci: Born in 1452, the century of wars and early civilization, he was a great innovator, sculptor, architect, engineer, mathematician, scientist and a great painter.All his paintings were a masterpiece and all of them had some great mystery. His paintings broke the code of usual painting from that century and have a great impact even today.Some of his paintings include Mona Lisa, The Last Supper.

Titian: Born in 1480, this very painter had subjects, often secular, sexual and playfully mythological, erotic pleasure, and religious. He widened the range of subjects that confronted the painters back then, but his paintings won hearts and mind of its admirers.His famous painting The Venus of Urbino transformed the history of art and of patronage.

Pablo Picasso: He was a painter who was gentle and compassionate. Born in 1881 in Spain, he is known for co-founding Cubist movement, the invention of constructed sculpture. He had extraordinary artistic talents in his early age; his paintings were naturalistic throughout his childhood. His paintings are categorized into periods.La Vie is one if his famous paintings.

Masaccio: He died at a very early age of 26 but had done all the things to be remembered. Born is 1401, in Italy, he was the first great Italian painter of the Quattrocento period of the Italian Renaissance. His arts included recreating lifelike figures, imitating nature and a bit of three-dimensionality. Brancacci Chapel is one of his notable works. He moved the subject of art from gothic art to humanist world in Italy.